Web metrics and Google Analytics

Getting the most from your web metrics and Google Analytics

I am a Qualified Google Analytics practitioner. GA-qualification

This course will help you get up and running quickly and equip you with the knowledge, hands-on experience and confidence needed to make the most of Google Analytics and web metrics.

You will be able to:

  • set up Google Analytics
  • interpret reports
  • add and configure custom filters and reports
  • report on other web metrics.

Subjects covered

Web analytics demystified

  • key concepts, principles and terms
  • how do you measure success?
  • what are your key performance indicators (KPIs)?

Google Analytics (GA) essentials

  • how GA works
  • use and limitations
  • an overview of what it can and can’t provide.

Visitor behaviour metrics and GA

  • where visitors came from
  • sessions/visits vs unique visitors
  • time on site, repeat visitors, technology etc
  • how useful or otherwise these stats are!

Traffic source metrics and GA
direct, referrals and SEO metrics

Content metrics and GA

  • bounce rate, page views, landing pages, exit pages, site search
  • how internal site search analytics can help you listen to what readers are telling you
  • the trouble with PDFs

Social media metrics

  • Facebook Insights
  • Twitter metrics
  • YouTube analytics
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs

Email newsletter metrics

Communicating insights to stakeholders

Advanced Google Analytics: exporting reports, tracking PDFs and internal site searches, setting up goals, custom reports, custom dashboards and basic filters.


This is an in-company and one-to-one course.

The course can be tailored to meet your needs, and can vary in duration and content depending on your requirements. It could be combined with elements of any of my other courses.

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