User experience design for non-designers

This training course combines aesthetic design and usability principles with the practicalities of creating websites now.


This theoretical and practical course will help you develop the confidence, understanding and web design skills you just can’t get from figuring out everything on your own.

Subjects covered

  • What is web design and how do people use websites?
  • Technical platforms: screens, operating systems, browsers, responsive design, web servers, domains
  • User-centred design: user research, information architecture, wireframing and prototypes
  • Usability and testing
  • Accessibility
  • HTML: tags and text, headings, lists and links, Images and image formats, tables, CSS, SEO
  • Dreamweaver and non-CMS methods
  • Designing for Content Management Systems
    Case study: WordPress
  • Interface and page design: simplicity and clarity, navigation and orientation, forms and page length
  • Graphic design: the grid, colour and typographic systems
  • Images on the web
  • Typography on the web
  • Agile, testing and feedback
  • Compromises
  • The future. 

In-house and one-to-one

This is an in-company and a one-to-one course.

The course can be tailored to meet your needs, and can vary in duration and content depending on your requirements. It could be combined with elements of any of my courses.

What next?

Contact Sue for a jargon-free chat about this training course.