Multilingual web content strategy

This course looks at aspects of content strategy that are useful to translators.

Target audience:

Translators, web editors, web content strategists and web managers.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • illustrate and explain how web content strategy tools and processes can help translators
  • understand translation in the context of a wider content and editorial strategy
  • plan and manage efficient, quality translation processes, that save time, save money and improve the quality of multilingual digital communication.
  • pull together an action plan based on what has been learned during the day.

Course content

What is web content strategy and how can it help translators?

  • a strategic framework for translation: options, costs, benefits, choose options
  • organisation goals and objectives, stakeholder needs
  • user needs: user research, usability testing
  • balancing user needs and stakeholder needs

Efficient translation workflow:

  • translation as part of the drafting process
  • writing for translation: ‘internationalised text’ and guidelines for writers
  • pivot languages
  • roles and content ownership

Web content lifecycle and translation issues: long-term maintenance plans

Style guides, voice and tone and multilingual content: consistency issues

Nimble content, content reuse and multi-platform publishing for multilingual content

Optimising multilingual content for Google and other search engines

How an ‘agile and lean’ content strategy can help translators:

  • Minimum viable product: users’ top tasks, legal and regulatory content
  • A phased approach: doing the next most important thing
  • Sprints and feedback loops

Machine translation processes and tools:

  • machine translation and human intervention
  • types of machine translation
  • how can we use machine translation?
  • translation memories and terminology management tools: word, phrase and sentence level reuse
  • preparing content for machine and human translation
  • pre- and post-editing efficiency
  • integrating machine translation into our websites: implications of poor translation, use of disclaimers, communication vs translation

Auditing translation: spot checks and horizontal reviews

Social media content and translation.

In-house course

This is an in-house course. I can adapt the content to suit the needs of your organisation.

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