Good learning principles

I build training courses that follow these four principles of learning:

1. Learning that changes what people do

Research suggests that people forget 70% of what they learn within 24 hours of a training course. With this in mind, my courses:

  • cover the right topics
  • are practical, with lots of opportunities to try out new ideas and techniques in a safe environment
  • can be followed-up with virtual post-training discussions, coaching and mentoring to help participants apply their learning.

2. Learning that people can easily take up

I can tailor courses to be as long or short as you need them to be:

  • One client wanted four days of training, but their staff couldn’t take four consecutive days away from their office. So I split the course into four days over four weeks.
  • Another client wanted a series of bespoke half-day courses for their whole communications team.
  • I can run virtual and blended learning via Google Hangouts, video and activities such as rewriting exercises and quizzes.

3. Learning that’s a good use of your time and money

I focus on topics, activities and methods that will make the best use of participant’s time and your money.

4. Teaching the right things

Learning that people need to learn, to do their jobs better.

Of course, it goes without saying that your staff will learn the right skills and knowledge.

I work closely with managers and participants to assess skills gaps and your business goals when I tailor courses to your needs.